Looking for KENT RO SERVICE CENTER IN LAJPAT NAGAR, Delhi. The life threatening diseases are usually water born which is why it becomes a necessity to get RO service done at the regular intervals. RO are basically the water purifiers that are used these days to combat with the water born diseases and provide the drinking water that is safe for life. The main aim of RO service centers in Delhi is to provide complete customer satisfaction on daily basis. Quality workmanship through the network of skilled professionals became an important aspect for providing an effective RO service worldwide.

RO service involves RO repair along with RO installation and uninstallation, RO filter or change in membrane, RO producing less water or RO making noise. In short it can be concluded that any repair work required on your water purifier comes under RO service. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are the main for of the customer care centers.

RO clears the waste water from the brackish water preserving the salt content. Though the RO does not remove the contaminated gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide but it removes other harmful products like trihalomethanes (THM’s), pesticides, solvents and other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). It also removes ultra filter particles such as micro organisms that are too large to pass from the pores of the membrane.

Factor leading to RO repair

RO repair is done when any of the part of the system requires attention. Every single element of RO mentioned further has its own importance in working of the RO system smoothly. The damage caused to any of the element will have to call for the RO repair agent.

  • The smooth functioning of RO is based on various factors like water quality, temperature, pressure, flow control and type of membrane present in the purifier.
  • Assembling of chlorine in the pores of the RO membrane

Basic components of RO purifiers:

  • Pre filter: it is the place where the free flowing water attacks first before entering inside the system. There can even be more than one pre filter in the RO system, this filter removes dirt, sand particles and chlorine that can damage the membrane
  • RO Membrane: it is the heart of the system that removes various disease causing contaminants
  • Storage Tank: it is the place where water reaches after crossing membrane. The tank holds the water with appropriate pressure, it can hold 2-4 gallon of water.
  • Post filter: it is the place where the remaining tastes and odors are removed from the water by post filtration process also known as polishing filter.
  • Automatic Shut off Valve: the valve conserves the water inside the storage tank by automatically shutting off when the tank is full. It blocks the flow of water from entering into the membrane.
  • Check valve: it is located at the end of membrane to prevent the backward flow of treated water as it might rupture the membrane
  • Flow restrictor: it regulates the flow of the water from the membrane. It maintains the pressure on the inlet side and restricts the clean water from flowing into the drain line.
  • Faucet: there are two types of faucet i.e. air gap faucet and non air gap faucet that are installed on the kitchen sink.
  • Drain line: it is used to discard the waste water that contains contaminants, impurities filtered out by RO

RO Service Center

The customer can easily locate the RO service center in a particular area. You can call in the company for their complaints or you might also visit the local shops of ro repair in your locality. No matter what brand the RO belongs to, RO service center gives reliable service. The RO service center offer services that helpful in getting back the healthy water intake.


By RO AMC, we mean RO Annual maintenance Contract that is provided by every company during the purchase of RO. RO AMC basically works like the insurance policy wherein the customer is required to pay certain annual charges to the company and the experts from the company visit you regularly without any reminder calls from the customer. Any kind of damage or replacement of parts is taken care of without any delay. The RO AMC agents keep all the repairable electronic parts of the purifier during their visit. RO Service is done for and due to following reasons:

  • Cleaning of Reverse Osmosis is an important part of installing it at any resourceful space.
  • It can be cleaned regularly at home or else you will have to contact customer care for RO service.
  • The membranes of RO became contaminated after certain time due to the direct contact with the pollutants like colloids, bio films and biological matter.
  • These materials can block the surface of pipe, thus reducing the water flow at the output area.
  • If not seen periodically the system might call for a serious damage.
  • The cleaning of RO starts when the pressure of water in the pressure vessel has decreased 15% or the salt content in the water has increase 10% and normalized flux has decreased 10 – 15%
  • The RO service centers will use cleaning fluids to remove feed water from the pressure vessels.
  • The cleaning fluid is than soaked into the membrane and then drained out removing the contaminated substance accumulated in the pores of the membrane.
  • The cleaning fluid is rinsed again and again until the permeate quality of water is satisfactory.

RO Customer Care

RO customer care centers are open 24*7 to lend a helping hand to the customers at any time of the day. The customers can call on the toll free helpline number of the company and register their complaints along with the address where RO service is required. The RO customer care agents insure the service of the purifier with 3-4 working days. The RO customer care also offers hassle free guidance from every nook and corner of the country.


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Price Terms & Conditions for Kent RO Water Purifier.

Kent Grand Water Purifier Rs 16,000/- Total 15L Cap.
Kent Grand+ RO Water Purifier Rs 17,000/- Total 15L Cap.
Kent Pearl Water Purifier Rs 17,500/- Total 15L Cap.
Kent Supreme Water Purifier Rs 17,500/- Total 15L Cap.
Kent Super Star Water Purifier Rs 16,500/- Total 15L Cap.
Kent Wonder+ Water Purifier Rs 16,500/- Total 15L Cap.
Kent Super+ Water Purifier Rs 16,000/- Total 15L Cap.
Kent ACE Water Purifier Rs 21,990/- Total 15L Cap.
Kent WONDER Water Purifier Rs 19,500/- Total 15L Cap.


Domestic Kent Ro Service Charge – Rs. 300 (Three Hundred Rupees).

Domestic Kent RO Purifier Installation Charge – Rs.500 (Five Hundred Rupees).

AMC Contract Terms & Conditions for Domestic RO

AMC Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Faulty Parts
AMC Plan 1 999.00 Yes No No No No
AMC Plan 2 2450.00 Yes Yes No No No
AMC Plan 3 2500.00 Yes No No Yes No
AMC Plan 4 4000.00 Yes Yes Yes No No
AMC Plan 5 5000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
AMC Plan 6 6000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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